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  • 11/06/2020 - Dr. Ron D'Amato 0 Comments
    Inflammation and Your Body

    Chronic Inflammation      

    I'm writing this to inform that chronic inflammation is the underlying cause of most diseases and chronic pain. 

    The Classic Signs of Inflammation are redness, swelling, heat, or pain, and to those who believe inflammation is due only to trauma and infection and that without the classic signs, inflammation is not present.

    The fact is, inflammation is present in your body without these classic signs. 

    There are also many other contributing factors which cause inflammation in your body, other than from infection or trauma.  Factors such as diet, stress, lack of sleep, and lack of exercise can all cause our cells to release the same inflammatory chemicals that are released with infection and trauma.  C-reactive protein would be one example of this.  

    When these factors become a lifestyle, a state of chronic inflammation develops without these classic signs being present. 

    • Pain and stiffness may develop down the road due to this chronicity.  Problems that start to arise may be in your musculoskeletal tissue. 

    • Muscles, joints, bones, and spinal discs may degenerate over time, eventually causing pain due to chronic inflammation created by stress or a pro-inflammatory diet. 

    • Diet-induced inflammation transforms the body into a degenerated state.  A heart attack is another example of how pain develops without other signs.  Coronary arteries become narrow and less flexible (atherosclerosis), causing the pain and sudden heart attack.

    Acute Inflammation is not necessarily a bad thing. 
    Acute inflammation acts as your body's natural defense against bacteria, toxins, viruses, and trauma. 

    I'm talking about chronic inflammation when it gets out of control and begins to affect your immune system and leads to a variety of chronic diseases.  Sickness may present in the form of frequent cold and flu symptoms, asthma, allergies, arthritis, chronic fatigue, hypertension, digestive conditions, osteoporosis, depression, diabetes, and even more serious diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis, and cancer.

    Having a better understanding of the damages inflammation poses to the body enables us to grasp the importance of getting better rest, exercising, avoiding stress by taking some time out for yourself each day, and subscribing to a non-inflammatory diet filled with leafy greens, broccoli, fatty fish, berries, nuts, avocados, and olive oil to name a few.  Some inflammatory foods to avoid would be sugar, refined foods, processed meats, and vegetable oils.  
    So make the lifestyle changes necessary to avoid this chronic inflammatory state and live a healthy, vibrant life.
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  • Benefits of Stretching - Dr. Ron D'Amato Atlas Chiro & Rehab
    20/04/2020 - Dr. Ron D'Amato 0 Comments
    Benefits of Stretching

    Physicians and health experts around the globe have emphasized the importance of stretching on a regular basis. At Atlas Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, Dr. Ron D’amato encourages patients to incorporate stretching exercises in their daily routines for the variety of proven health benefits. Whether it is before a workout or just to get your blood flowing in the morning, stretching can help lower the risk of injury and improve your overall well being.

    Types of Stretching: Static vs Dynamic

    There is plenty of confusion in the fitness community about when and how we should stretch. In order to maximize your benefits it is important to know the difference between dynamic and static stretching. 

    Dynamic stretching is shorter in duration, accompanied by some movement, and usually done as a warm-up, prior to working out. Some examples of these stretches include high kicks, lunge twists, knee to chest, and arm circles. By activating your muscles, this type of stretching is great for boosting athletic performance.

    Static stretching is longer in duration, isolated and without movement, and performed after working out when the body is warmed up. Examples here include toe touches, tricep stretch, and cross-body shoulder stretch. These stretches are great for lengthening muscles after a weight lifting session and preventing muscle tightness the next day.

    Although dynamic and static stretches are performed at different times, they both still have great benefits that help reduce the risk of injury and improve overall well being.

    Here are our favorite top five advantages of stretching: 

    Increases range of motion

    As humans, we start to lose our range of motion as we age. It is important to combat this by stretching regularly to make sure our muscles are properly trained. This allows for easier movement in our joints and lowers the chance of discomfort in the muscles.

    Increases Flexibility

    Stretching Increases flexibility which will improve your performance with everyday activities. Having flexibility reduces muscle tightness and makes your workouts more effective and safe. Therefore, lengthening the muscles makes sure we can continue to move freely without pain.

    Increases Blood Flow

    Increased blood flow improves circulation throughout your body allowing your lungs, heart, and muscles to function at their best level. This also means a boost in energy, increased focus, and better memory.

    Prevent Back Pain

    Not only does stretching your back muscles improve posture, it can also help resist the onset of rigidity and pain in the back. At Atlas Chiropractic, we encourage our patients to stretch their upper and lower back muscles along with the hips in order to train these muscles and strengthen their back.

    Stress Reliever

    Stretching is a great way to release stress. By relaxing and focusing on a slow, deep stretch you are put in a meditative-like state of mind. Much like the postures in yoga, we are taking time to focus on a certain part of the body which helps remove distraction and clear your mind leaving you feeling refreshed for the rest of your day.

    With a variety of benefits, stretching is an important part of your physical well being. Reduce your pain and risk of injury by practicing both static and dynamic stretching when you can during your daily and weekly routines. 

    Have a specific area of your body that needs attention? Our doctors at Atlas Chiropractic & Rehabilitation are here to guide you through the proper stretches you would benefit from the most. Call to speak with our experts, Dr. Ronald D’amato or Dr. Christa D’amato who practice in Clifton, NJ and can be reached at 973-894-3300.


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  • Drug-Free, Chiropractic Care for Neck and Back Pain
    09/04/2020 - Dr. Ron D'Amato 0 Comments
    Drug-Free Chiropractic Care for Neck and Back Pain

    Physical therapy can be an effective first step in addressing many common sources of pain, like those in the back or neck.

    May 2018 Health Services Research found that people with low back pain who first consulted a physical therapist were less likely to receive an opioid prescription compared with those who went to a primary care doctor first. Physical therapists work with you to create individualized exercises, stretches, and body alignment positions that help relax tight muscles, decrease back and joint pain, and improve range of motion.

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  • Dr. Ron D'Amato Chiropractor Back Pain Stretches
    09/04/2020 - Dr. Ron D'Amato 0 Comments
    Stop Suffering from Back Pain

    Almost everyone in their life will have some form of back pain at one time or another.  Sitting at a desk all day combined with our current lifestyles weakens our muscles and leads to the symptoms 30 M Americans suffer from ranging in age 20-64.  Here are some stretches and instructions on how to perform. The Mayo Clinic has found that stretching relieves stress, improves circulation, leads to better posture and flexibility and enhances coordination.

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  • Dr. Ron D'Amato Chiropractor Don't Break Your Neck Over Tech
    09/04/2020 - Dr. Ron D'Amato 0 Comments
    Don’t Break Your Neck Over Tech

    In a world of tech, most people spend on average two to four hours a day texting and reading in a neck-bent position on their smartphones and mobile devices.  That’s anywhere from 700-1,400 hours repeating this posture over the course of the year for most adults.  Though teenagers seem to be the worst offenders, spending lengthy periods of time without rest. Drs. D’Amato recently pointed out in their announcement of Spinal Care Subscription Service that routine exams and treatment aid in optimal spinal health especially when it comes to the pain experienced in neck, shoulders, and back.

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  • 17/03/2020 - Dr. Ron D'Amato 0 Comments
    Top NJ Chiropractors Practicing the Atlas Orthogonal Technique

    What is the Atlas Orthogonal Technique?

    The Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Technique is a specialty within the chiropractic field. This technique is a painless and safe upper cervical chiropractic spinal correction of the atlas bone.  The technique also restores a person's balance and stimulates the natural-healing capabilities normally present in the body which results in the amazing byproduct of pain relief and greater function. The Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Technique is a gentle, effective approach to renewed health and relief from discomfort

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