Doctor of Chirporactic

Meet Ronald P. D'Amato, D.C., BCAO


Owner of Atlas Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center - Clifton, NJ


Our focus on chiropractic care begins with a specific adjustment to the atlas bone, the figurative steering wheel of the spine and creating pelvic stability (the pelvis is the foundation of the spine). We adjust the entire spine and extremities when necessary.


We have found correcting these critical regions of the spine helps patients achieve their health goals in a shorter amount of time, no year long 70+ visit treatment plans here! This proper and specific correction also aids in long term relief when accompanied with checkups and doctor recommended spinal stabilization exercises.  We are here to enable you to protect the spinal and postural correction that is achieved.


Our goal is to free you of pain and allow your body to perform at its most optimal level.

After years of suffering through daily headaches, countless doctor visits, and medications, I took the advice and went to Atlas Chiropractic.

Teaching is a demanding job without headaches. I can’t express how they affect my abilities in the classroom. But, things turned around this summer. Within two months of receiving chiropractic care, I have experienced a marked improvement. The headaches are so infrequent now! I have been able to enjoy my children and their activities this summer. I’m looking forward to going back to school headache free!!! I wish I came to Atlas sooner!

Lauren - 01/08/2018

After 16 years of suffering through headaches and neck pain from a childhood accident, I decided to begin my chiropractic treatment

At Atlas Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. Since I began my treatment at Atlas, I felt an immediate improvement in my overall well being. My headaches are now completely gone and I feel an increased blood flow to my head. I have also felt a decrease in my neck pain and tension. Thanks to Drs. D’Amato my body finally feels relaxed and well!

Michael - 04/10/2019